Back To School!! 

As summer comes to a close and we say goodbye to lazy days, vacations and extra time with family, it's time to think about getting back into a self-care routine to reset your mind and body as we gear up for the holidays!
Fall hours will change slightly. In addition to normal daytime hours 9-4, I will be offering some evenings and Saturdays, as well as one Sunday a month. Contact me directly for Sunday appointments, All others can be booked online as usual.
Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you soon! As always, please text or email me if you have any questions or need assistance with booking.


Light, Medium and Firm Swedish 

Hot Stone and Himalayan Hot Stone

Raindrop and Aromatouch Aromatherapy

Heal Your Souls Reflexology Foot Treatment

Headache/Migraine Relief/Facial Acupressure


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Jenn Gilbraith: I've been a Massage Therapist since 2010.  I have played intense contact sports my whole life, and the only true relief I ever experienced from injury was from massage and acupuncture.  I decided upon retirement from sports that I would pursue natural healing, because massage and other modalities were the only relief I had from pain. I believe in a natural approach to managing pain, relieving stress and overall well being.


Days and Hours Available 

Monday 9am-4pm
Thursday 9-4:30
Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 11-3pm
Sunday hours vary 
Our Bakersfield office is located at Sola Salon Northwest, 5549 Calloway Drive at The Riverlakes Galleria